Gaia Aroomas Premium Handmade Soap Vetiver And Patchouli Review

Hi everyone, I hope you all have gone through the earlier Gaia Aroomas Patchouli And Rose Handmade Soap Review and today I am going to review the another soap from their new launch.

About the brand : Gaia is Greek word and She is a primal mother goddess, complete in herself. In modern times, some earth scientists use the term “Gaia” to mean the complete living planet itself, as a complex organism. As the name suggest itself our products are natural, holy and close to nature. Each bar of soap – made, cut and trimmed by hand – is unique.

Studies have shown that the chemicals we use on our skin enters our bloodstream within minutes. When we hop into that nice warm bath or shower, the heat opens up our pores and allows any products we are using to enter the bloodstream even faster. If those products contain chemicals, we are risking not only skin irritations such as dry itchy skin, eczema or dermatitis, but much more serious health problems.


Price : Rs. 490 per soap.. (expensive but available at discount at below mention sites)

Availability : Ebay (gaiaaroomas13), Shopclues (thirteenkcanddle) or can be contacted at WhatsApp @ +918130947601 &

Ingredients : Glycerin Soap Base, Castor Oil, Aqua, Vitamin E, Vetiver Essential Oil & Patchouli Essential Oil.

Gaia Aroomas Handmade soap are free from SLE/ SLES.


My personal experience :

After trying Rose & Patchouli soap I wanted to try the Vetiver & Patchouli soap. I equally love earthy and woody fragrances. So when Mr. Yogesh Mishra informed me about the another variant I instantly said yes to keep one soap for me.

The Vetiver & Patchouli soap is a light green coloured 100 grams soap bar that gives the arooma  of a early morning walk in a garden where every grass strand, flowers are ready to bloom.

If I talk about the soap how it worked on my skin then I would say  –

Fresh and Soothing

This soap when mixed with water forms a mild milky foam with few soapy bubbles that can be detected while applying it on the body and if I talk about performance it cleans the skin deeply and washes away all the dirt and sweat & leaves mild Vetiver fragrance on skin that is so soothing and refreshing in summers.

After taking bath, the fragrance of the Vetiver and patchouli can be easily smelled for 2-2.5 hours after that the fragrance decreases and vanishes in hot summery days after 3.5 hours. Best part about these soaps is that they keep my skin feel fresh for 7-8 hours and I never faced any bad odour issues even after 10-11 hours.

Best thing about the Gaia Aroomas soap is that I never feel the need to moisturize my skin even after 10-11 hours, never faced scaling issues after taking bath with these.


Why to have this :

  • Natural Handmade soap.
  • Its fragrance is so soothing and fresh.
  • Its for those who like mild fresh fragrances, for earthy woody fragrance lovers.
  • Cleans the skin deeply and keeps fresh for long hours.
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin.
  • No need to apply any other fragrance.

Product Rating : 5/5 ..  Highly Recommended..

Have you tried Gaia Aroomas soaps, Share your favourite handmade soap in the comment section ?

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. Though i was contacted by Brand, product has been bought by own money. Honest Reviews.

Brand Introduction Credits : Gaia Aroomas


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