Gulnare SeaFlo Face Wash Review

About the brand : Gulnare Skincare is a Delhi based natural handmade skincare brand and can be contacted at Mobile no. 099589 86082 or and now they are also available at their own website .

Gulnare Skincare offers skincare solutions for the socially conscious. Our products remain a 100% natural, and each batch is hand made under our personal supervision, with lots of love thrown in for good measure.

Product Claims : Seaflo Facial Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that hydrates, softens, and invigorates the skin. Cucumber cleanses and refreshes while extracts of wheatgerm, and grape seed oil calm and sooth. Ideal for dry, sensitive, or mature skin. Use daily for skin that looks and feels fresh, smooth, and healthy.

Gulnare Face Wash

 Availability : Gulnare Website

Price : Rs. 450 for 120 ml.

Ingredients : Wheat Germ Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Cucumber, Castile Soap, Glycerine.

Gulnare Face Wash

About the product :

Gulnare Sea Flo Face Wash comes in a sleek & cute plastic bottle and the packaging is good & sturdy. Taking about the face wash it is cute cucumber green colour face wash and smells so fresh and soothing.

This face wash cleans the skin mildly and doesn’t take out the excess oil from the skin. It maintains the moisture level in the skin. When this face wash is mixed with water it turns into a mild creamy texture with no soapy bubbles which Dry Skin girls would definitely love.

On regular usage, I didn’t face any breakout issues but I feel neither it controls the breakouts as well. This product is basically for those people who don’t have any major skin issues and needs a face wash for regular cleaning only, not for treating acne or oil control.

The best thing about Gulnare Skincare is that the products are 100% natural and no bad things in it 🙂

Product Rating : 4/5 (Recommended to Dry skin people).

Why to try Gulnare :

  • 100% natural skincare.
  • simple ingredients.
  • cleans the dry skin with love.
  • will suit dry skin in winters too.
  • mild soothing fragrance.

Not for those who like foaming face  wash.. & I wish it comes with a pump packaging.

Have you tried Gulnare Skincare, Share your favourite face wash in the comment section ?

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. Honest Reviews

Featured Image Credits : Gulnare Skincare



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