Forest Essentials Purifying Soya Milk Review

Earlier I have shared my thoughts for Vichy Thermal Spa Water and now I am going to share review of another skin saviour i.e. Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Purifying Soya Milk.

Product Benefits : Fortified with Soya proteins and botanical extracts, this formula is ideal for cleansing and removing makeup and impurities. Soya amino acids retain moisture and increase elasticity and firmness.

Forest Essentials Purifying Soya Milk

Price : Rs. 1050 for 200 ml.

Availability : Forest Essentials Stores and Website , Amazon

Ingredients : Click here 

Forest Essentials Purifying Soya Milk

Product Review :

Hi everyone today I am reviewing one of the best skincare product from Forest Essentials. Forest Essentials makes amazing products for sensitive skin as well. This facial cleanser is perfect for extremely dry and sensitive skin.

My skin is completely untrustworthy, weather changes  it also starts behaving badly. Whenever the weather changes my skin gets badly irritated and rashes are so painful. It’s the time when my skin needs lots of care and changed skin care routine.

Talking about the facial cleanser it is a white fluffy liquid milk cleanser and presence of lavender extract makes it smell so soothing and relaxing.

This facial cleanser is 100% soap free that can also be used for removing mild makeup as well (without irritating the eyes). When my skin is irritated and suffering painful rashes then I use the 2-3 pumps of this facial cleanser mix it with water and massage it for minute, later i wash off with water.

This product can also be used for removing makeup (need more quantity for removing heavy & waterproof makeup) or cleaning off the dirt by using a cotton pad.


Forest Essentials Purifying Soya Milk

One unusual thing I noticed that it gives warm tingling sensation when left on face for few minutes, earlier I was worried but it never irritated my skin or gave any redness issues. The warm tingling sensation happens because of natural ingredients.

(In past I had a very bad experience with the Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk whenever I used that every time I had redness & irritated skin and after testing it twice that was thrown in the dustbin. Now I have made a distance from the brand Organic Harvest don’t want to waste my money on it).

Why to try this :

  • Natural product from luxurious brand.
  • Gives a soft and smooth skin with regular usage.
  • Soothing Lavender Fragrance.
  • Pump packaging is perfect to use.
  • Cleans skin as well as removes makeup.

Why to miss :

  • Its price, really expensive but I never mind spending on good skincare products.

Product Rating : 4/5 Recommended..

Repurchasing the product – It my third bottle 200 ml lasts for 5 months.

Have you tried Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser Purifying Soya Milk. , Share your favourite Milk Cleanser in the comment section ?

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. The product has been bought by own money. Honest Reviews.

Where I clicked the pictures of the product for the review purpose




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