D.I. Y. – Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

Hi everyone, Weather is changing and my skin is also behaving bit differently. Its time for the changed skin care routine.

In today’s post I have a quick and easy D.I.Y. for the sensitive and dry skin.

As you know in last few years many natural organic skincare have launched and they all have come up with their natural skincare range. Some of the brands have affordable price range but some have represented themselves as luxurious skincare brands.

I remember during my teenage my mother use to tell me to go for natural products & stop using the chemical based products. And these days there is a flood of natural skincare brands and here I am going to share few of my D.I.Ys.


Rose & Oats Facial Cleanser

Ingredients required :

  1. Dried Rose petals
  2. Oats Flour
  3. Vitamin E capsules
  4. Rose Essential Oil (Optional)
  5. Container

1. Dried Rose Petals : Crush the rose petals in a grinder and you are ready with the rose petals powder. I bought the Desi Gulab from the florist for Rs. 50. Plucked the petals, washed and dried it in my room for 10 days. (its bit time consuming). otherwise pluck the roses from your own garden that better as you know the source. or Buy here

2. Oats Flour : You can easily find that in the nearby grocery shop. I bought 250 grams for Rs.10 or Buy here

3. Vitamin E Oil : At any chemist shop. 10 capsules for Rs 20. Buy here

4. Rose Essential Oil : Buy here / here (optional for the fragrance and rose oil benefits)

5. Container : You can use any container of your choice glass or plastic one. I prefer glass containers.

img1478597923278Now it time to mix the ingredients add 2 spoons of Rose Petals Powder , then add 3-4 spoons of Oats Flour, add 2-3 Vitamin E Oil capsules depending upon your skin type and 4-5 drops of Rose Essential Oil. Mix it well and keep it in a container. This facial cleanser is perfect for dry and sensitive skin in winters. Shelf life is 6 months when scooped out with a spatula and is kept away from moisture.

For usage mix 1/2 spoon of facial cleanser in water and massage it for 1-2 minutes. When mixed with water it turns into a beautiful rosy color paste that smells divine and so beautiful. It cleans the skin effectively and maintains the moisture in skin. Oats itself have the moisturizing properties. One additional benefit it polishes the skin and works as the most mild delicate facial scrub as well that doesn’t open the pores deeply but cleans the skin perfectly and keeps the dirt from getting sink in the pores.

If you add 10-12 crushed Almonds in it, it will be the closest dupe of Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Scrub.. 

Hope you all liked this easy D.I.Y. Do try out and let me know the results on your skin. Share your favorite Facial cleansing D.I.Y. in the comment section. I am really excited to know.

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. The product is a D.I.Y. Honest Reviews. 


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